We selected a house plan from Korel Home Designs.  Plan S3198R.  
Of course we made some custom modifications to the plan.  To reduce costs and lower the roof profile, we changed the pitch and lowered the ceilings from 10 feet to 9 feet.  We also enlarged bedroom #2 and bedroom #4 to reduce the number of ridges and valleys. Even though this resulted in a bigger slab, there was a savings in labor costs building the roof.  We also decided to have a white natural limestone exterior where the plans called for both stone and brick.  We also removed the closet from the game room and added a wet bar in its place.

Front Elevation S3198R Korel Home Designs

Rear Elevation S3198R  Korel Home Designs

Floor Plan S3198R  Korel Home Designs

Revised plan



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